Getting fit is no small task. We all know exercise is important but the road to regular fitness is fraught with peril. Some things can help such as fitness apps, fitness smartwatches and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

For those of us who have set foot in a gym at one or more times in our lives you might have wondered: why do all Gyms have mirrors? Well there is actually a scientific reason for it, and the reason may surprise you.

According to one study seeing yourself in the mirror while you exercise increases your external focus (how our movements affect the environment around us), which increases performance. Additionally watching yourself on the treadmill can actually decrease your perception of time and how long you are exercising.

So watch yourself exercise in the mirror, it will make you more effective and make the time pass faster in your mind!

References: Halperin I, Hughes S, Panchuk D, Abbiss C, Chapman DW (2016) The Effects of Either a Mirror, Internal or External Focus Instructions on Single and Multi-Joint Tasks. PLoS ONE 11(11): e0166799.