At HealthZam we research a lot of health trends. Some are questionable, some seem to really work. And some just look crazy. People are wrapping their sore wounded, swollen, joints in cabbage leaves, and it looks pretty funny.

However there is some validity and science behind this old trick. Joint and muscle inflammation is a common occurrence among sporting enthusiasts, physical laborers and the elderly and can be a nuisance or even quite painful.

Joint swelling can cause discomfort or even pain.

Sure you can take anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medicine, but there are side-effects to using chemical solutions.

Cabbage has an exceptional ability to stay cold (or warm) for longer periods of time. It also has natural anti-inflammatory compounds called cadmium-binding complexes. Cadium binding complexes are the main component of glutamine, which is a proven anti-inflammatory agent.

You can take advantage of the healing affects of cabbage by:

  1. Peel away the big outer leaves.
  2. Cut away the thick stems at the base.
  3. Freeze or warm them up in the oven (depending on if you want hot or cold treatment).
  4. Apply as a compress to swollen or painful joints, bruises, allergies or inflamed skin. You can use a bandage or plastic wrap to compress the cabbage leaves.
Wrap the area in a warm or cold cabbage leaf, cloth bandage, and or plastic wrap
Wrap the area in a warm or cold cabbage leaf, cloth bandage, and or plastic wrap.

Another natural treatment that can help with joint pain including gout, back pain, tendonitis and migraines is Cerisea Medica natural pain reliever.

The active ingredients are Anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties and inhibit COX enzymes. If you are having joint pain or the above mentioned symptoms Cerisea Medica could help you and is worth giving it a try!

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