In our research sometimes we come across odd facts that people might find interesting related to health, medicine and science. When we read about the fact that all doctors in the Antarctic research station are required to remove their appendixes we wondered what the deal was?

The reason is because during winter rescues at the Arctic research facility are either very expensive, or in some cases, impossible. Requiring all doctors to remove their appendixes before going to the research facility ensures they won't need an emergency rescue in the case of an appendicitis. This requirement has been in place since 1950's for most of the research facilities.

Russian Researcher Dr. Leonid Rogozov Removing His Own Appendix at Antarctic Research Station.
Fun Fact: In 1961 a Russian doctor successfully removed his own appendix at Novolazarevskaya station in Antarctica. With no outside help possible, he used local anesthetic and had two expeditioners assist with surgical retractors and a mirror so that he could see what he was doing. The operation was a success and the doctor was back on duty within two weeks.