The teeth whitening industry is big. Especially in the USA where we value a good smile. Companies are selling products like whitening strips, chemical baths, toothpastes even light. Have you ever been to the dentist and seen them use lasers or light on your teeth? They are likely hardening compounds used in your fillings.

Well that same blue LED light can be harnessed to whiten your teeth in ways you might not expect. In combination with a simple gel to amplify the affects blue LED light (in the spectrum of 450 and 500 nm) has been proven to whiten teeth.

CleanerSmile LED Teeth Whitener Test

We tried several whitener products and found light to be the least intrusive and easiest to get results. Our partner CleanerSmile is a global distributor of light-based whitening devices. Their latest product uses blue LED light and is affordable at around $50! You can even use it with a USB connection to your Android or Iphone.

Reference Study: Hayward R, Osman Y, Grobler SR. A clinical study of the effectiveness of a light emitting diode system on tooth bleaching. Open Dent J. 2012;6:143-147. doi:10.2174/1874210601206010143