Face-masks are quickly becoming a part of every day modern life. It feels a bit weird to walk around and not see anyone's facial expression, but in these crazy times we have little other choice. We wanted to give a quick 2-minute read on the lowdown about face-masks that prevent against infection.

As most of you know by now, Covid-19 (Corona Virus) spreads through the air. At first they thought it was just through droplets but now scientists are saying particles can hang around in the air for hours rather than minutes. This just reiterates the importance of wearing a mask if you don't want to get infected by this nasty virus. Wearing a mask has become something of a political issue in the United States (mostly), but the science remains unchanged. You can protest mask wearing all you like, however you are risking yourself and your friends and family by doing so.

The Most Common 5 Pandemic Masks:

1. Face Shields

Mostly worn by medical professionals and high-risk patients. Wearing a face shield and a face mask together provides the best protection.

TPE Face Shield

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2. Micro-Fiber Masks & Scarves

These types of masks are a great backup and are lightweight and can be easily stored in a pocket or purse. Although they are not designed to protect against infection they do offer some level of protection and are re-usable and machine washable. HealthZam has a 50% off special on Micro-Fiber masks from BetterThanZero.

BetterThanZero Micro-Fiber Multi-purpose Mask

3. Homemade Masks

People are making their own masks, especially when there was a mask shortage at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak. In terms of protection these offer a little bit less as they are missing some key barriers that professionally produced masks have.

Homemade DIY Facemasks

4. N95 Masks

Probably the most cost-effective option these masks are the gold standard in terms of viral and bacterial protection. N95 Respirator Masks are on sale from our partner Honest PPE.

KN95 Respirator - The King of Masks

5. AeroKarbon PM2.5 SmartMask

This mask is the Ferrari of pandemic facemasks. It is sexy and effective. These masks include 8 layers of protection including 5 layers of meltblown cloth fiber. They are comfortable, adjustable, washable and re-usable. You can order extra filters to replace the air filter from AeroKarbon SmartMasks. Get one of the world's most advanced facemasks from our HealthZam 50% off link here.


And just for fun here is a guy who made a pretty creative Face Shield out of a Haribo Gummy Bear package:

Funny DIY Face shield.