This tip is primarily for parents but applies to anyone who wants a quick, easy way to check temperature of yourself and your family. Do you recall that temperatures used to be taken with a glass device filled with mercury? If you do then you are likely part of GenX or older.

For those who don't remember or were born as Millennials let me explain:

Temperatures used to be taken with a thing that looks like this...

This is a glass thermometer. They are still used and most do not have mercury inside anymore.

We would sometimes have this in our mouth, under our armpit or..."where the sun don't shine". If you get my drift.

Maybe you still use one of these. However by now people have started switching over to a new easier to use, faster, and accurate system of measuring temperature: light.

Use of infrared thermometers has exploded the past 6 months due COVID-19. Most security checkpoints around the globe including major airports are using Infrared temperature scanning. That's because fever is the best and fastest way to spot potential cases.

Infrared Thermometers are a must-have for parents

Infrared Thermometers are really easy to use, simply point and click. A lens focuses an infrared light beam onto the skin or surface which is then reflected back into the device's infrared sensor called a thermopile. The thermopile receives infrared energy from the surface the thermometer is aimed at and converts that energy into electricity which is then measured to determine surface temperature.

Our partner FeverPatrol is a high-quality, pandemic-grade infrared thermometer. It has a color-coded LED for quick reads, Fahrenheit and Celsius, and stores up to 64 temperature readings to monitor temperature progress of children. Not only that but they are offering HealthZam users a 50% discount while supplies last.