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1. Handsan - Hand Sanitizer Wristlet

Get A Sanitizer Dispensing Bracelet
We don’t have to explain to you about how the world has been flipped upside-down by this whole pandemic thing. Whatever you think about Covid-19, it is smart to protect yourself and your family.

2. Byte - Invisible Teeth Aligners

Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces
Now you can order a kit that includes a do-it-yourself mold. You take a detailed mold of your teeth, send it to a professional team of dentists, and they ship you a set of transparent, customized “invisible” aligners that change over time to finally shift your teeth into their more aesthetic place.

3. Miracle Sheets - Silver Fiber Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Allergen Sheets

Get Modern Hypoallergenic Pillowcases & Sheets
Sleep is vital to our health and well-being more than we had ever known before. New research, summarized by Sleep Scientist Matt Walker in his TED talk last year, found sleep can impact more than just our mood.