Crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth is a sore point that the affects self-confidence of millions of people worldwide. I had braces when I was a teenager. I was lucky enough that my parents could afford it. I think it probably cost as much as a new car at the time. Big, wirey, uncomfortable and unsightly.

"Is there anything thtuck in my brathez"?

I would say, spraying my friends with my lispy saliva.

All of that has changed. You don't even need to see a dentist in person anymore to get your teeth straightened thanks to new technological developments in the field of teeth straightening.

Befor and After of invisible aligners by byte

Now you can order a kit that includes a do-it-yourself mold. You take a detailed mold of your teeth, send it to a professional team of dentists, and they ship you a set of transparent, customized "invisible" aligners that change over time to finally shift your teeth into their more aesthetic place. We looked into several companies "InvisAlign" being one of the biggest. From our research in terms of price to quality ratio the best company we found is called byte. You can pay in monthly installments of around $85/month and the total costs around $2,000 in total. A far cry from the $10,000 my parents spent on metal braces.

If you are interested in byte we contacted them about an introductory, exclusive HealthZam offer that saves you $65 on the Impression Kit to get started. So don't wait as this offer will not last forever.

HealthZam Invisible Braces Money Saving Tips:

  1. Find out if your insurance can cover the costs (some do)!
  2. Use your FSA or HSA benefits.
  3. Utilize the payment plan option (monthly rate).
  4. Find out if you qualify for multiple family member/child discount.

Even celebrities are known to use invisible teeth aligners like byte. You may recognize this fellow when he was younger:

Justin Bieber used invisible teeth aligner technology to straighten his teeth without anyone knowing

Oh and how did my metal braces work out? Well after a few years I stopped wearing my retainer. Now I might need byte to correct my teeth after they tried to escape my mouth again.

A few before/afters to get you inspired:

This guy is happy about his new smile, rightfully so!

Closing the gap on the perfect smile
NFL Four-Time Superbowl Champion Rob Gronkowski talking about his involvement in byte.

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