Life these days is hard enough already. We need all the advantages we can get to stay healthy without too much hassle in our every day lives. Not only that but Big Pharma are pushing expensive and potentially dangerous chemical solutions to everyday maladies. They are selling more drugs than ever before!

Why take a pill made in a lab when you can grow your own natural medicines and create natural remedies from basic home items? Now that the world is connected through the internet, helpful information to make our lives easier and healthier has never been more accessible.

Warning: this list may scare big health insurance and pharmaceutical companies who would rather you take their expensive drugs and solutions than these less expensive home remedies and products.

We scoured the web, researched, tested and tried everything under the sun concerning health tips and tricks. We asked ourselves a few simple questions when evaluating these tips:

       1. Was the advice free or at least affordable by the average person?
       2. Was there any research to back up what was claimed?
       3. Was the method, advice or item free of any known side-effects?

If we found all three answers were yes, the hack made our list. Disclaimer: no interns were harmed in the making of this article.

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