What is summer without backyard BBQs, swimming, biking, fishing and...Mosquitoes. These evil primordial vampire bugs spread more than just itches and bad vibes. Mosquitoes carry diseases like malaria, west nile, zika, yellow fever, various forms of Encephalitis, Dengue the list goes on. Most commercial mosquito sprays are full of harsh, foul-smelling chemicals. These are two of the best, simplest recipes for home-made Mosquito repellent we could find.

Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray

  1. 10 drops of any essential oil (Best: Citronella or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil)
  2. 1 fl.oz (30 ml) of water
  3. 1 tablespoon of alcohol
Spray Steps
  1. Mix the essential oil with rubbing alcohol
  2. Add the water
  3. Pour into a spray bottle and shake it up
  4. Spray this solution on the exposed areas of your body.

Natural Mosquito Repellent Oil Rub

Oil Rub Steps
  1. Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil
  2. Place in a bottle you can easily dispense such as a dropper bottle.
  3. Drip this solution on the exposed areas of your body and rub the oil into your skin.
How Often You Should Re-Apply

2 to 3 times daily. Depending on weather.

Yes we tried these. And yes they work. Did we mix them all together in one giant Frankenstein lab experiment gone wrong and did that work too? Yes indeedy.

However if you need something with a bit more....pulling power we found this device. It is a Mosquito Vortex.

Buzz-B-Gone Mosquito Trap

We tried this as well in our Mosquito party and the USB Mosquito vacuum won by far. It was so satisfying finding mosquitoes in the trap after one night of using this product. Next summer I plan to equip each room with a Buzz-B-Gone. Plus it is currently on sale for HealthZam members. Get 50% off Buzz-B-Gone Electric Mosquito Trap while the offer lasts.

Warning: this is an extremely popular product, you may need to wait long-delays for delivery so ordering before peak summer time allows ample time to get several Mosquito Vortexes delivered. We find it best to order at the end of summer in fall or spring for the least delays.