Having a baby around can be a lot of fun. They are so cute, and innocent and sweet. Our 6-month old daughter is a bundle of joy. Yeah she could sleep a little better, and her sister was crawling earlier but hey - every baby is different right?

I want to talk about poo. Baby poo specifically - and the diabolical industry of profit and waste that it creates. Did you know each year enough disposable diapers are thrown away to circle the globe 90 times? Did you know a new-born baby uses about 2,500 diapers in the first year alone?

The world is changing, and people are starting to notice. That is why re-usable products are becoming more and more popular. People start to care about the affects of using something once and then throwing it away. Even if it means they have to put in a little extra effort.

Why are we creating mountains of trash from something that, in the past, was re-usable? I will tell you why: massive multi-national corporations like Procter & Gamble have marketed easy, single-use products to us to increase profits. Why sell you one diaper when they can sell you THOUSANDS?

Enter re-usable diapers. They are making a comeback. However these are not the stinky, difficult-to-use cloth diapers of your parent's day. These are made from modern material with natural fibers that are soft on your baby's skin. There are no harsh chemicals present as with many of today's leading brand of disposables. They are machine-washable and most importantly: they save you money and reduce environmental impact!

PureBaby Eco Diapers

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