This finding is particular interesting for Seniors but applies to everyone. The University of Queensland School of Psychology recently published findings that indicate social groups are vital to longevity and well-being.

Dr Niklas Steffens and Dr Tegan Cruwys studied 424 people of 50 years or older. What they found was shocking:

  • Retirees reported a 10 percent drop in quality of life for every group they stopped attending
  • For retirees who belong to two social groups their chance of death was 2% if they maintained their group attendance for 6 years after retirement
  • For retirees who left one group their risk of death rose to 5%
  • For retirees who left both or all of their groups their risk of death rose to 12%

So join that book club, rotary, knitting, bottle-cap collecting or whatever it is you are interested in. It's for your health!