Most of you have probably heard of this tip before. But if not, prepare to be amazed. When drank in moderation a glass of wine every day can have positive health benefits. This is no joke, as the research has been confirmed. Apparently red wine is the most beneficial and is:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidant compounds prevent cellular damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. A 2-week study of 40 adults consuming 13.5 ounces (400ml) of red wine every day saw an increase in antioxidant status.

2. Can help Combat Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease, autoimmune disorders and some types of cancer. Several studies now have demonstrated a reduction in inflammatory markers when drinking a moderate amount (1 glass or so) of red wine per day.

3. May benefit your heart

Researchers believe drinking moderate amounts of red wine every day can reduce your blood pressure, high cholesterol and metabolic diseases.

New research is showing moderate wine drinking may also benefit mental health and fight depression, promote longevity and healthy gut bacteria. We can't get enough of this stuff!

However, it is important to note that a moderate amount of wine drinking is key. More than that you can start seeing negative affects on your body. Just keep it in moderation, and even better, keep it to the recommended amount: 1 Glass (13.5flOz / 400ml).

Reference Study: Snopek L, Mlcek J, Sochorova L, et al. Contribution of Red Wine Consumption to Human Health Protection. Molecules. 2018;23(7):1684. Published 2018 Jul 11. doi:10.3390/molecules23071684

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