We began this research and testing case with high hopes. UV light kills germs, right? Well, yes it does. However it's not that simple. You can not wave a magic wand over a surface, your phone, a keyboard or a bathroom door handle and expect that it will completely sanitize the surface. To do that you would need a certain type of light, for a certain period of time at a certain distance.

Portable UV sanitizer products like MobileKlean have gotten very popular over recent months and are often back-ordered taking a long time to get delivered. Even Donald Trump once claimed we should look into UV light as a solution for fighting the Corona-virus pandemic.

Although a lot of the claims made about handheld UV sanitizers are exaggerated there may still be some benefits. Portable UV light sanitizers make a great backup if you don't have any liquid sanitizer, alcohol rubs, baby wipes or whatever else you use to disinfect. Just don't bet your whole house on this as it's effectiveness is not as strong as an industrial-strength UV sanitation light.